For more than 25 years our family-run-business knows all about the production of, and the trading with packaging.
Our senior management has an average of 30 years experience in the packaging industry.
A modern, high-performance machine outfit is the basis for fabrication and processing of papers, cardboards, films and laminations.
Together with reliable and capable suppliers, research institutes and, not least, our motivated, well versed and creative team, we succeed in helping our blue chip clients and customers worldwide getting the edge over their competitors again and again.

Our main focus of attention is the production of packaging for adhesives and sticky materials.
We cover a wide range of patented solutions for the chemical-, food- and non-food-industry.

From three production sites we provide specialty products and formulations for diverse applications.

We pioneered the packaging of Hotmelt adhesives which replaced the erstwhile cold glue gun in the packaging industry and brought about a paradigm shift.

We are constantly innovating to serve our clients better.

“Nothing hangs on to us, - or -  the art of letting loose”





Quality Environment and Ethics

Pacomelt wants to be the supplier of choice in the packaging industry through customer delight achieved through technological and operational excellence. We commit ourselves to being the market leaders by providing our customers with the most innovative and environment-friendly packaging material. We will strive to ensure zero-defect quality, empower our employees to be able to provide pleasing service while being responsible corporate citizens. We recognize that our people are our biggest asset and we have a carefully structured program to bring out the best in our people.
Following our guiding principles of honesty and good ethical behavior, we are proud to be purchasing raw material only from suppliers who maintain high standards in both quality and ethical practices.